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How Committed Are You?
Posted by Phred on October 24, 2012

I’m often inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of business owners who put so much on the line in pursuit of their dream. They often risk their life savings, and even their homes, and almost always sacrifice time away from family and friends.

After a few years of sweat equity and learning from the School of Hard Knocks, things may start coming together and pay off. But the world of business ownership can sometimes be anything but fair. There is currently a lawsuit in the US between a small design studio in Seattle - Modern Dog Design Co., and not one, but two multi-billion dollar corporations, namely Target and Disney. Modern Dog is suing Target and Disney for copyright infringement because their artwork was reproduced by Disney on T-shirts which are being sold by Target. This is a modern day David vs Goliath and a very gutsy move on the part of  Modern Dog. Robynne Raye, one of the co-founding partners, chose to make a huge commitment to this fight. "I made the decision to sell our Greenwood house, partly to reduce our overhead expenses, and partly to fund the lawsuit. I realize now that we are in it for the long haul. I cried the day I handed the new owners the keys, but I also felt a sense of relief because I knew that I personally would be able to help my company fight."

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